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  • Acupuncture Therapy
    Traditional Acupuncture therapy was based on detailed anatomical research and experience treating pain. Through centuries of medical study, the ancient Chinese created an intricate map of how the surface of the body relates to the functioning of the central nervous system, specifically how the brain controls pain and healing. We are not meant to experience chronic pain, and it is certainly not an unavoidable part of aging as we are led to believe. Acupuncture, when practiced by a qualified professional, accomplishes this pain relief in seconds. As a corrective therapy, it works on momentum, correcting pain over time. Over the course of treatment, the brain is retrained to correctly respond to pain signals by deploying our internal pain killers, and restoring adequate blood circulation to damaged tissues. This method is so effective at killing pain, that many hospitals and health organizations are turning to it for solutions to all the chronic pain that is burdening our society. The Distal Acupuncture method that we practice is the safest and most effective approach and our practitioner has extensive training from the worlds leading experts, plus 10 years of clinical experience using it.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
    We use Medical Pulse Diagnosis and other exam tools to determine the root cause of the numerous symptoms patients experience, and to construct a custom herbal combination to correct these imbalances. Unique to Chinese Herbal Medicine, we use concentrated powdered extractions of the herbs that maintain all of the medicinal properties of the original plant material. These herbs, carefully sourced from the Democratic Taiwan, are highly FDA regulated, third-party tested to be free of any unwanted contaminates, and are ultra-pure. This means that one days dose is the equivalent of taking an entire bottle of an ‘herbal supplement’ from the health food store. These herbs restore homeostasis in the body by cleansing it of metabolic wastes, stimulating healthy organ function, and unblocking blood flow to our tissues. Only when damaged tissues and organs receive normal blood circulation, do they have what they need to repair themselves. Unlike pharmaceutical therapies, this medicine is virtually side-effect free. Our practitioner spent thousands of graduate level hours in training under expert supervision to learn how to formulate the best mixture for every patient. We maintain the most extensive pharmacy in the state to service all of our patients needs.
  • Other Traditional Therapies
    The following therapies are specialties of Chinese Medicine and require extensive training and experience to be used safely and effectively. Combined with Acupuncture and herbs, they provide comprehensive relief and rehab for the majority of musculoskeletal issues.​ Cupping - This traditional myofascial technique uses thick rimmed glass ‘cups’ suctioned to the body to relax areas of chronic tightness and draw fresh circulation into the muscles. It also treats some paralyses and numbness by stimulating healthy nerve function. Guasha - Another myofascial technique that uses friction to break up adhered connective tissues, allowing them to complete their healing process. Moxibustion - Whereas acupuncture uses hair fine needles, moxibustion uses heat to stimulate the neurovascular tissues of acupuncture points. This therapy reduces pain and restores strength to muscles. Topical Herbs - Topical herb preparations come in the form of pastes, creams, liniments (liquids), patches and soaks and are a vital step in improving the blood flow, reducing inflammation, and eliminating pain. Tuina Orthopedic Bodywork - Chinese physical therapy has been around for thousands of years and is an effective and safe way to restore healthy function to painful areas through acupressure, joint mobilization. and soft tissue realignment. Therapeutic Movement - Healthy movement is required for an injured area to work properly again, but it must be undertaken cautiously and strategically. We instruct or refer to a large variety of therapeutic exercises that restore function through diligent practice of 10-20 minutes a day.
  • Posture Analysis + Rehab Instruction
    Our bodies crave motion and a variety of it! Its design allows us wildly diverse movement and this movement literally maintains the health of our muscles, joints, bones, connective tissues, and organs (Watching any group of children shows us this instinctual habit for varied movement). When we limit our body's movement and positioning, whether through poor posture, long hours of sitting, or repetitive exercise, the impact on our health is disastrous. Posture (the carriage and positioning of our bodies) and overuse are the primary causes of our pain. By the time pain starts, the poor postural or movement habit has been in place for months or years. This leaves us feeling stiff, hurting, and tired. In the Postural Therapy session, your alignment will be assessed and explained to you and you will be given a custom-made program of simple corrective exercises to do at home. These exercises draw from such sources as Yoga, T'ai Chi, and the Egoscue Method and our practitioner has taught these movements to thousands of students. After your initial assessment and movement program, we will see you two more times to review and update your program as you progress into greater functioning.
  • Weight Loss
    When unhealthy weight gain is contributing to joint pain or systemic disease like diabetes and hypertension, we will often employ our weight loss plan. Perfected over the past ten years, it is a simple dietary intervention that reprograms the body to stop producing fat and start burning fat. It is easy to follow and provides fast results while improving cardiovascular health and energy levels.
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