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I received amazing results for sciatic nerve pain from ActiveLife through acupuncture. I began seeing positive relief after the first 3 treatments and after approximately 10 treatments I am pain free and back to my “active life”! I highly recommend them as being very professional and extremely courteous.**

Keith L

Fayetteville, AR

I would like to offer my deepest appreciation and respect for the care I have received from ActiveLife Acupuncture Clinic. Dr. Hayden was recommended due to a shoulder injury which had left me with a frozen joint. From the initial new patient consultation, I knew this experience was what I needed, and not just from a physical perspective.From years of ballet training I had many other issues and face future joint replacements. This physician actually wants his patient's entire medical story. I cannot remember when that last happened. Within a few visits after suggestions of exercises, ideas about my nutritional habits, his mixture of herbs, acupuncture, and therapeutic manipulations, my shoulder was on its way to healing. The pain was down to manageable levels. Today it feels totally normal. I continue to see this doctor because of my arthritis issues and general health improvements that have been so obvious due to his care. I no longer take meds I was using for pain and as described earlier, my quality of life from a physical and mental/emotional is exceptionally improved. The office staff is warm and friendly as well. This place is for healing....this place is magic.**

Cynthia M

Rogers, AR

I have had the best experience with Hayden and all the staff at ActiveLife! I look forward to every visit because I know my concerns will be heard and they truly care about my healing. The pain I had has decreased tremendously and I have also seen a change in my mood and sleep. I could not recommend this place more to anyone that is looking to try Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thank you all so much!**

Kelsi G

Springdale, AR

Amazing healer. I’d go see them for anything that ailed me before I would go to a clinic or MD. They cured multiple issues that I took prescriptions for and also healed my Dad when the specialist was pushing some nasty drug and surgery. Couldn’t recommend any higher. If you’re new to Chinese medicine please do give it a shot before you take chemicals or get cut by a MD.**

Aaron L

Fayetteville, AR

Hayden is the BEST. His knowledge is expansive and bedside manner is exceptional. He and his team are professional, caring and go out of their way to provide you with an individual experience. The facility is a very clean and the environment is wholesome. Our community is a better place because of ActiveLife Acupuncture. I would highly recommend you give them a try. It's beyond worth it.**

Sarah L

Fayetteville, AR

If you are going through IVF, keep reading. My husband and I are in the midst of it now, and we are both maintaining very demanding corporate jobs. I am not one to follow a holistic path, but after much research and talking to others going through a similar experience, I decided to give acupuncture a try. For the first time in months, I feel my body reacting and above all it’s providing me a source of much needed solitude to the endless demands of every day life!!! I do realize not all facilities are created equal and am so fortunate for choosing ActiveLife. Their entire staff is kind, professional and committed to provided individual care which is so hard to find in today’s medical environment. I feel at peace there. I am so happy they are a part of this very important part of my life and beyond thankful for their support!

UPDATE: I am now in my second trimester with a baby boy!! I could never thank Hayden enough for the role he played in helping us have our miracle baby.**

Lindsey C

Rogers, AR

This clinic is exceptional in so many ways! Hayden is a foremost practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has mastered numerous therapeutic modalities (to the extent that other acupuncturists consult him for his knowledge). When I was seeking care to improve my health, I was continually impressed with how Hayden has taken every opportunity to learn and excel in his practice. He’s clearly passionately engaged, as he spent a lot of time researching and adapting my treatment to most adeptly suit my needs. Hayden and his team helped me to heal with empathy and expertise. I had A LOT of questions, and they were helpful and patient while providing awesome educational and practical resources for my daily life. I finished my care plan a couple of months ago and continue to feel remarkably better! I’ve come to love these guys, so I pop by for supplements on occasion as an excuse to say hi :) When I began my care plan, I was uncertain as to whether I was making a worthwhile investment. Given how grateful and relieved I am for how well I feel now, I’m SO glad I chose Hayden to help me mend! Thank you! **

Ashley H

Boulder, CO

Well, I started seeing Dr. Henningsen in January for low back pain from surgery in December of 2016. When I started seeing him I was taking 5-7 Oxycodone AND 6-8 Tramadol a day, just to work through the day. He has done so much GOOD for me, now I only take 3-4 pain pills per WEEK! Wish I would have found him sooner!! **

Buddy R

Fayetteville, AR

I tried everything to get pain relief in my hips and legs and nothing worked. My husband basically made my appointment with Hayden against my will and I went to my first appointment kicking and screaming. I was just sure I was going to have to deal with being in pain as part of my daily reality. I was pleasantly surprised at the relief I got. Almost immediately the pain became less and less as I've continued to receive treatment and follow Hayden's expert direction and homework assignments. The office staff is friendly and professional as well. This is a place of connection and belonging. Highly recommend their services. **

Darla B

Fayetteville, AR

I have been suffering with pain from an old back surgery and massive rotator cuff tear, then I had a flair up of sciatic pain that made walking almost unbearable. Finding no relief through all my efforts with the medical field I decided to give Acupuncture a try. Seeing the great reviews about ActiveLife Acupuncture I decided to give them a shot, not having a lot of faith this would help me. I am writing this after my eighth treatment. I travel two hours one way to get here and I'm going to keep doing it. I am sleeping again! I find I'm actually skipping pain medications that before I couldn't even take late. I feel so much better all over, the difference is truly amazing and the change was so quick after treatments began. Hayden is very skilled, and what he is doing is working. I am a believer! They are worth their weight in gold. If you're in pain don't hesitate to have Hayden help you. I'm so thankful I did. **

Rick C

Grove, OK

These guys are amazing. Seriously professional, serious relief. Dr. H is dynamic, knowledgeable and personable. Rachel and Yoko are fantastic. Don't hesitate, just go here now.**

Caitlin S

Fayetteville, AR

If you are looking for an alternative to Western Medicine, search no more. I decided to try acupuncture for the seasonal allergies I get every year and I couldn’t be happier with the results and service I have received while seeing Dr. Hayden. Every year my allergies are like clockwork; Allergies turn into a head cold. That turns into bronchitis and then I have a lingering cough for what seems like MONTHS!! After a few sessions of carefully placed acupuncture needles and a batch of herbs (Hayden mixes these according to the PERSON, he doesn’t use a one size fits all approach and I love that!) my allergies are 100% better, no relapses, no bronchitis! I would absolutely recommend seeing him to any and all who are searching for relief from ANY pain, not just allergies. I am moving out of state soon, but I am going to continue to utilize his practice for the herbal mixtures that have greatly increased my quality of life. You won’t be disappointed! Love these guys! **

Rachael Z

Bend, OR

I was dealing with a constellation of mysterious health symptoms for over a year with no explanation or help from Western practitioners. Then I went to Hayden. His care has truly been life-changing! I am finally much better after trying everything else. He is knowledgeable, kind, and very committed to his patients. His office staff is also very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend ActiveLife and Hayden! **

Casey K

Fayetteville, AR

Such caring people! After trying everything, I came here and received healing an understanding like nowhere else! Highly recommend! **

Bradley C

Fayetteville, AR

ActiveLife is amazing. Everyone at the office is super friendly and welcoming. My experience with Hayden has continued to be insightful and the whole body approach to medicine is just what I was looking for. I have had continued improvement in my overall well-being and he is awesome about giving you tips to continue healing in your daily life. **

Mistie L

Fayetteville, AR

I'm well-acquainted with Traditional Chinese Medicine, having received acupuncture treatments from several practitioners in 3 states over the past 35+ years. The care I've received from Hayden at ActiveLife is top notch. Not only is he a kind, compassionate person with a gentle sense of humor that puts me at ease, he is also a highly skilled, intelligent professional who has helped me immensely as I heal from a serious health issue. I always leave feeling better physically and with a more positive attitude. To top it off, Rachel and Lisa in the front office are friendly, welcoming, and efficient. I feel blessed to receive care at ActiveLife. **

Allee J

Fayetteville, AR

Outstanding service. Hayden & the rest of his staff are knowledgeable, respectful and compassionate. I have been to several acupuncturists, Hayden knows his stuff, and has helped me so much. I can’t say enough good about all he does. **

Kristal J

Fayetteville, AR

In August of 2016, I traveled to Fayetteville for a family trip, and got a very intense migraine. The pain was so excruciating that I could barely speak or open my eyes. Dr. Hayden treated me, and within minutes I felt almost zero pain and could function normally. My husband, who was with me, could hardly believe it. Dr. Hayden did a pulse reading and prescribed an herbal tea for me to take three times a day. Since then, I've had a noticeable increase in energy, sense of vitality, and rare, if any, migraines. I continue to take the herbal tea and speak with Dr. Hayden on a regular basis to make sure all is well. He is receptive, responsive, and an overall wonderful healthcare provider. I consider that day back in August of 2016 to have been a great blessing, because it introduced me to ActiveLife Acupuncture and to Dr. Hayden. If you live in the Fayetteville area, take advantage of this tremendous resource! **

Amanda S

Charlotte, NC

I was really impressed with every step of the process, from diagnosis to treatment. The doc and staff are sensitive to the fact that most people are a little unsure about committing time and money on alternative treatments. I came in for treatment for my elbows and got not only that, but a greater sense of how the way I live my life can positively or negatively affect my health. **

Eric M

Fayetteville, AR

I am so grateful for individualized care I receive at AL. I was barely able to walk in to my first appointment three months ago. My condition improved quickly and as it did I was taught exercises for daily practice that will keep me well and agile. I was, and remain, amazed by Hayden's knowledge and abilities. I have learned other practices at AL that contribute to my physical AND mental well-being. In addition to the pain-reducing power of the acupuncture - the herbs I am prescribed are a blend formatted for me based on conditions in my body that Hayden is trained to read through pulse and observation, and I am obviously more well as a result. I drink less coffee and my skin is improving as a reflection of what is healing inside. I am inspired to take even better care of myself with each visit. I wish everyone could experience the attentive, thorough, gentle, effective care they provide! **

Sarah K

Fayetteville, AR

I have had a significant amount of acupuncture. Hayden knows his business. His compassion, expertise, and gentle way is just what the doctor ordered!  The staff are friendly, dedicated, efficient, kind & respectful.  His treatments have been effective, the herbs made a huge difference, the custom-ness of what Hayden puts together is truly remarkable. It is evident that Hayden has spent countless hours studying, his diagnostic abilities are amazing, consistently! **

Kristal W

Fayetteville, AR

Both my wife and I have nagging issues which we have been unsuccessful in treating with traditional medical care. The staff at ActiveLife Acupuncture has taken the time to understand our problems and work toward eliminating the root causes rather than covering up the symptoms with pharmaceuticals, which is an approach we appreciate. We would both highly recommend ActiveLife. **

Steve B

Fayetteville, AR

These folks are incredible! The office is serene and comfortable. Office staff are always welcoming and generous! Hayden is kind, gentle, and VERY knowledgeable; he always brings an air of relaxation wherever he goes. I find his pulse readings almost unbelievably accurate... since beginning treatment six months ago, I have felt such an incredible improvement in my endometriosis, it is almost night and day. Not only that, but Hayden has helped me treat a broken arm and many other minor infections in the same time, as well! **

Katherine S

Fayetteville, AR

One of the best decisions I have ever made concerning my health was going to ActiveLife Acupuncture. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate. My first visit was due to a back injury, which is now a non-issue. I continue going to see Hayden for what I like to call "tune-ups". Everything from sore muscles to problems sleeping, Hayden is adept and educated in his practice. I do not hesitate in offering a resounding endorsement for ActiveLife Acupuncture. **


Fayetteville, AR

I am very impressed with the professionalism of the staff as well as the courteous hospitality of everyone who works at this local business in Fayetteville. Also, incredibly pleased with the knowledge base and wisdom that Hayden affords each client, catering each session to tailor the needs of the person receiving the treatment. It is nice to have such a reliable and competent group of individuals working together for the greater good. **

Will J

Fayetteville, AR

I have seen excellent results from seeing Hayden. The acupuncture and supplements have resulted in a significant reduction in chronic pain and inflammation and food and environmental allergies. I have more energy, my libido has increased, I’m less stressed, and I’m able to participate so much more in life that I had been missing out on due to chronic immune issues. After almost a decade of suffering, I finally feel like I’m getting my life back! If only I had found him sooner! Their office is clean, quiet, and well-managed. I highly recommend Hayden and ActiveLife to all my friends. **

Sarah M

Fayetteville, AR

Hayden is one of the best acupuncturists that I've been to. His understanding of the pulse is remarkable! I have had better results with Hayden than anyone else in the past 20 years. **

Dennis N

Fayetteville, AR

I have been seeing Hayden and the team at ActiveLife for just over 2 months and in those two months I have seen significant improvements in the key areas I sought relief from. Starting with the diagnosis process, Hayden convinced me to give Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine a real try- quit all the other stuff cold turkey and see if I could find relief. I gave it a shot and I’m so glad I did. I came in focused on digestive and reproductive health and have been thrilled with the “new normal”. It’s better than my normal, I feel like my body is processing the way it should be. Hayden and Rachel truly listen and focus on making sure that I feel better after each session. I will continue to seek ActiveLife’s support and help for any health related issues as a first option. **

Elizabeth W

Fayetteville, AR

I am a generally healthy, active, bike-riding, and yoga-practicing middle aged man with few health complaints other than an old automobile wreck injury from many years ago and an occasional pain from over-exertion. So why do I see Hayden regularly? Because acupuncture, an occasional round of Chinese herbs as needed, and soft tissue and joint mobilization, keep me happy, healthy and moving forward. Recently, I suffered a severe bone fracture that required surgery. Hayden additionally treated me with acupuncture and herbs and my western doctors tell me that my recovery time was reduced by more than a month over other similarly situated patients. In that preceding sentence please note that Hayden treated “me” not a symptom in isolation. I think that’s the best part of TCM, and Hayden puts it into practice-he treats the person not the complaint, in a holistic manner that I can attest to having provided me with tangible and sometimes immediate results. So get “needled”, move your body, and let Hayden support your efforts to stay active. **

Stan B

Fayetteville, AR

ActiveLife has made such an impact on my health and wellness, I'm so glad I found them. Rachel and Hayden are incredibly knowledgeable and caring for their patients. The herbs and acupuncture are truly amazing. I feel so good about sending family and friends to them, because I know they will be well taken care of and find relief. I highly recommend ActiveLife for anyone suffering with pain, anxiety, health problems, or just wanting to feel improvement in their mood and over all well being. **

Tania M

Fayetteville, AR

I decided to seek treatment at ActiveLife for conditions that I had spent years trying different approaches to treat including over the counter and prescription drugs and even a surgery. Hayden did a thorough initial evaluation and wrote a treatment plan to address my entire problem list that included my input and a time frame goal for resolution of my symptoms. Through a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs and Hayden’s intuitive and patient centered approach, I am feeling better than I have in years with a significantly improved quality of life. My family has noticed and appreciated my improved overall health, and I am so pleased to finally experience long lasting effects of a treatment on my well being. **

Jessica F

Bentonville, AR

I starting coming to ActiveLife at the beginning of the New Year. I’m a hairstylist and have suffered from bursitis in my shoulders, pain from carpel tunnel, hip/sciatic pain, chronic neck pain, the list goes on and on- STRESS.... Hayden has helped minimize, if not eliminate these chronic issues. I always look forward to my appointment and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. I recommend ActiveLife to everyone. **

Shine B

Fayetteville, AR

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Hayden Henningsen and ActiveLife Acupuncture & Wellness Center. When I started treatment I had a laundry list of issues I was hoping would be addressed: Irregular heartbeat, hormone regulation, chronic lower back pain, anxiety/depression. I expected one or two on the list to respond to the treatment, but not all—in addition to other issues I thought too long standing and embedded to be effectively treated. Frankly, I did not expect the subsiding of long held lower back pain, significantly reduced irregular heartbeat, and a disappearance of stomach problems not included on that list. Oh yes, and the marked reduction of fatigue I’d had on and off for DECADES!I could go on and on! **

Judy D

Fayetteville, AR

Our son battled with Molluscum Contagiosum for 18 months and we tried so many different remedies. Hayden used herbs to CURE it and we are so delighted! If you are struggling with it, don’t wait as long as we did and get it taken care of at ActiveLife. **

Amanda H

Fayetteville, AR

I recommend Hayden to all my pals that have any physical or emotional struggles! ActiveLife can help with just about any problem. **

Reese R

Fayetteville, AR

Hayden is an amazing acupuncturist! I started seeing him for sleep issues, which he quickly helped resolve, and now go for regular ‘tune-ups’ and always feel fantastic after a session. **

Karen M

Fayetteville, AR

I love ActiveLife! I feel very cared for when I go for my visits and I look forward to every visit. I'm always greeted with kind smiles and positive energy. Hayden always listens to my needs and answers any questions I have. I am noticing very positive changes in my life since I started going there. I would highly recommend ActiveLife to anyone who wants to feel better, which is everyone, right? **

Erin P

Fayetteville, AR

**Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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