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We are maintaining the highest hygiene standards we have been using. Along with the excellent service you're used to, you'll notice some of these new hygiene and safety practices we've developed around the clinic:

  • New enhanced sterilization practices in treatment rooms.

  • Enhanced clean procedures in the herbal compounding pharmacy (wearing masks and gloves), including our usual practices of frequent surface sanitizing and hand-washing.

  • Maintaining 1:1 staff to patient ratio in the lobby/reception.

We are seeing patients on a reduced schedule to minimize contact between patients (and staff). The health of our staff and patients is our top priority and we will continue to follow national guidelines.


We know that safety, superior care, and true health are valuable to you, and we are uniquely positioned to deliver the best medicine for these goals.


Please note that we will continue to be available for telemedicine services, including herb consultations, nutrition consultations, rehab services, mental health counseling, and coaching.


60,000+or 85% of the confirmed COVID-19 cases in China have currently been treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The "effective cure rate" of qingfei paidu decoction (QPD), a Chinese herbal formula, against COVID-19 is over 90%.


Ren, J. L., Zhang, A. H., & Wang, X. J. (2020). Traditional Chinese Medicine for COVID-19 Treatment. Pharmacological research, 104743.

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Covid Treatment
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